The Facts about Mold: For Everyone

There is a lot known about the subject of mold. Each building, place, and person will react to the presence of mold differently.  Mold is actually present almost everywhere including in the dirt! But mostly mold thrives in moist places and on food. Below is a link to Facts about Mold: For Everyone.

Some molds are helpful like the penicillin kind, and others are deemed dangerous by places like the AIHA.  The AIHA was founded in 1939 as a non-profit to help organizations protect their workers from the dangers of all forms of environmental stressors (including, but not excluding mold). They provide an excellent definition of, and information about MOLD and how it can affect you, your family, and co-workers in any environment. Please Click Here to read more.


Mold Testing

  1. We at MoldGoneTC are dedicated to knowing what will work when cleaning and eliminating the threat mold poses
  2. We have extensive relationships built in the mold testing industry that we trust
  3. ALL of our tests are “official” and none are performed in-house (others may try to do their own “cheaper” testing)
  4. We have an 8 step mold removal and remediation process
  5. We treat mold and threats to your health seriously.  So seriously, in fact, that we have a chain of custody (like evidence in a legal case) that we adhere to when submitting, and receiving your mold testing results.  You can be CERTAIN of the results you receive from our Mold Tests.  When it comes to mold testing its best to be safe, than sorry.
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