Advanced Drainage System

An advanced drainage product designed specifically for foundation waterproofing. Utilizing air space, QuikFlo minimizes gravel needed, installs faster and drains the maximum amount of water in silt, sand and clay soils. The design collects water from under the floor slab and channels it into the basin.


  • ICC Approved for Residential Housing (#ESR-4083)
  • Allows the installer to quickly and easily design and piece together a system that will channel water into the sump basin, relieving hydrostatic pressure against the foundation.
  • 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameter custom holes available.

QuikFlo drainage syste

Placing QuikFlo horizontally, next to the footer, allows you to dig a shallow trench, which minimizes manual labor.

Placing QuikFlo vertically, next to the footer, allows for deeper penetration specifically for homes with serious hydrostatic pressure.

QuickFlo parts

Item # Description
QF10496 QuikFlo Drain System 8’
QF04CNR 90 Degree Corner – Horiz
QF04CBF 90 Degree Corner – Vert
QF45ANG 45 Degree Corner
QFTEE01 T-Connector
QF04CON Connector
QF04CLN Clean Out Port
QF04BIA Basin Adapter
QF10496 DrainV
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